Monday, August 1, 2011

The Function of Eyebrows

So this weekend was Ashleigh's first soccer practice of the season. Even though it was 104*, practice was still on and it was being held at the park at 11:00AM. We packed up the family and headed over to the park. Obviously, habits are hard to break because Paul parked in the parking lot where Ash used to play soccer, so we had to walk the entire length of the field to get to the last possible field where her practice was being held. Nice:)

Paul took Cooper, Addy and Genevieve to the playground to hang out in the shade and I stayed to watched Ashleigh practice. They had to take a water break every 5 min and everyone was red faced. I couldn't believe how hot it was. Even though I was just sitting there, the sweat was just pouring off of me. About 30 minutes in, my eyes started burning from the sweat. At 40 minutes, the coach called it quits...thank goodness. As we got up to walk back to the car I noticed Paul was already on his way ( the kids couldn't handle the heat even in the shade).

I told Paul how my eyes started burning and he laughed and said my eyebrows weren't doing their job.  Their job? What job? To keep sweat from rolling into your eyes. Huh, really? Guess you learn something new every day. Personally I thought they were just aesthetically appealing. I mean, I doubt I would look cute sans eyebrows. So I guess my eyebrows just aren't ready to go up against this NC heat and I'll have to start wearing those sweat head bands...adorable,right?


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