Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mudcat Adventure

Last night, we took the kids to their first minor league baseball game. We saw the Mudcats vs the Biscuits. Yep, the Biscuits!

 While looking on my mommy network down here, I saw that someone was giving 5 general admissions tickets away for free since they were unable to attend the game. I asked Paul if he'd like to go and he said sure, even though that meant he had to drive all the way home from work and then drive all the way back out there since the stadium is right by his workplace.

Of course, it rained all day out by his work and I figured we wouldn't be able to go. Paul said we'd just chance it and see how it went. When we got out to the stadium, the kids noticed the baseball water tower...

They still weren't convinced we were taking them to watch baseball until we got to the stadium. They were really excited once they figured it out. It was a Friday night, so they were suppose to set off fireworks, Scooby Doo was going to make an appearance, and of course there would be Muddy the Mudcat!

Everyone getting ready to watch the game:

Me and Cooper before the game:

Before the game started, a couple sat in front of us and a bee/hornet landed on their son's shoulder so I tapped the mom to let her know. She kinda made a whatever face and rolled her eyes but said thank you and then made some comment to her husband. He said something about "does she expect us to kill it while it's on him". Ummm, no, I just thought they'd like to know so they could watch it. Not freak out (like I would have done) but I personally would want to watch the bee on my child to make sure it eventually flies away. Whatever, I was just trying to be nice and besides they smelled like a pasture!

When they sang the National Anthem, they let off a few fireworks and the look on Cooper's face was priceless. I wish I would have gotten it on video. He was just so excited and couldn't wait till the end of the game to see more fireworks.

The kids were very well behaved, even Bean did a fantastic job... (Before/During the Game Pics)


My children obviously had never been to a baseball game and they kept asking where the white guys were ( the Mudcats wore white jerseys) and where the black guys went ( the Biscuits had on dark blue that the kids thought was black). It can be really awkward when your kid is screaming "where did all the white guys go?" least IMO.

The Mudcats were doing good until Paul went to get drinks. (SN: I am glad the tickets were free because drinks and snacks were expensive LOL) The Biscuits had the bases loaded and they hit a home run. They ended up scoring 10 points in that one inning. At the bottom of the 7th, it was already 9:30ish and Jenna was so sleepy. I can't believe how long baseball games last and wish it would have started about an hour earlier. We had to leave 1) Bean was spent and 2) I don't think I could watch 2 more innings. Sadly, we didn't get to watch the fireworks and Cooper was a little disappointed. Ashleigh and Addy did spot Scooby Doo while at a restroom break, but the camera was with me so I didn't get any pics.  Here is a pic of Muddy though...

The Biscuits won 12-7, but we had a great time! Go Mudcats!

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