Saturday, August 13, 2011

Empty Room of Our Nest

Today I got a little preview of what it will be like when the kids begin to move out.

We decided it was time to move Jenna into her own room. We were actually going to do it a while back, but have had on and off company since June and we left the one room open for guests/playroom. Since we won't be expecting any company for a while we figured it was perfect timing. Paul tore down her crib and set it back up in her own room.

So this is where her crib used to be in our room. Now the wall is totally empty and I am super sad!

This weekend was not the perfect time. I am highly emotional and I just watched Marley and Me, so I have already been crying. Now I can't stop. Our room just feels so empty without her.

Out of all 4 of our kids, Jenna is the only one to actually room in with us. The other 3 slept in their own crib, in their own room from very early on. Ashleigh was 2 days old and Cooper was a few weeks old. Addy would sleep in her crib if you put her down just right. If not you ended up holding her all night long for the first 6 weeks. After those long 6 weeks, she slept just fine in her own room. With Jenna, we had 3 other kids and I didn't want her in a room by herself while she was so little and they were so curious. We set up her crib in our room so that they would sneak in to give her lovins without us being able to supervise.

I figured by 6 months she would move out, but 6 months came and went. Now we are at 10 months and we are finally getting around to it. Paul offered to tear the crib apart again and bring her back into our room but I know it will only make it worse. He knows that too but it's nice to know he'd still do it to make me happy.

So right now she is sleeping soundly in her own room all by herself. She is obviously taking this better than me.

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