Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our Own Personal Radio

  Ashleigh is obviously trying to get in the Guinness Book of World Records for singing. She sings all the time. While she's eating, showering, getting dressed, watching TV, doing really it is ALL. THE. TIME. If she isn't singing, she is humming. I hope that she doesn't do this in class, I mean, her teacher would tell me right?

Ashleigh sings so frequently that she doesn't even know she is doing it, so when we tell her to stop, she looks at us like we have 3 heads. She then denies it and we have to explain how odd it is that she claims she wasn't singing but her mouth movement and the sound escaping from that moving mouth sure resembled the song we were just hearing. Crazy, huh? If we were to have the misfortune of not having access to a radio, we are completely covered. :)

So Ashleigh comes home from school on Monday and asks if I would like her to join chorus. Sure. I told her to get me the details. She tells me it is at 8am on Tuesdays. This could be difficult since while dropping her off, Cooper would miss the bus, but 8:00 is too early to drop him off. Conundrum.

She comes home yesterday and says she is definitely going to join chorus. Great. I asked if she got the details and she just repeats 8am on Tuesdays. Fine.

She finally gets to bed at 8:30PM. At 10:00PM, she runs down stairs to tell us, she changed her mind, she no longer wants to do chorus (obviously she had been fretting over this for 1.5 hours). I tell her fine, think about it and just let me know for sure. By this morning, she is still thinking about it. Sweet baby Jesus... Can we just make up our minds?

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Business of Crawling

Bean started crawling on Friday. Paul refused to believe that she was crawling, probably because we swore she was just going to skip it. She had been so close to crawling for forever, but she always seemed to get to her destination using any means possible other than crawling.  Over the weekend,  everytime I told Paul to look, she would just go back to sitting and looking all innocent. Can you say Brat?

So she starts on Friday, does it on the sly over the weekend, and by Monday she is a professional crawler. I could probably enter her into one of those crawling races at this point. She is everywhere! It is amazing how fast she picked it up.

What is even more amazing? The fact that we've been through this 3 other times and it still doesn't get old!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Man on a Mission

Paul and I decided to go to PetSmart last night to pick up something we needed for the cats. We had forgotten Genevieve's stroller, so for the first time ever, she was going to sit in a shopping cart. While putting her in, some guy came into the store and grabbed a cart beside us and took off. I didn't think  much of it and after getting her in the cart, we headed for the cat section. By the time we got there, Genevieve was looking all sorts of uncomfy. She had her feet up in the air and she was practically on her back and Paul was trying to adjust her so she wouldn't fall out. There was no one around, so we weren't in any ones way.

Then BAM, the man who was all in a hurry when we were first putting her into the cart appeared and literally almost took Paul out. I was behind Paul and I backed off and made the "Go ahead" gesture because god forbid we get in his way. Paul had stopped a few steps ahead to finish arranging Jenna and to look at the cat supplies, when the guy had practically crawled up Paul's backside. I had finally had enough (ever heard of personal space) so I said " Please move Paul and let this guy get what he needs." I mean, this guy obviously had a cat emergency and he needed his supplies bad. He never apologized for almost running Paul over or giving Jenna whiplash.

We continued to walk around the store and make comments/jokes about how bad someone could need something for their pet in such a hurry. He obviously had no regard for anyone else and his sole purpose in life was to get a litter box.

We stopped to observe the animals they had, when someone ran past us and said "Excuse me." When I looked up, I noticed it was the guy on a cat mission. I couldn't believe my eyes and said "OMG, he does actually know how to say excuse me." LOL

In hindsight, maybe I was too harsh. Maybe someone had his wife held ransom (or worse his cat), and if he didn't get the litter box within so many minutes, the wife/cat was as good as gone. Or maybe the whole world was being put in danger, and he just saved my life by getting those supplies as quickly as possible. Anything's possible I guess. I just wish the man could have slowed down and backed off my husbands back a little, Paul was after all, there first!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fantastic News

So today I received word that my most recent medical tests came back without any issues. I am so happy right now. I had the test done last week and with Ashleigh starting 3rd grade, Coop in Kindy, and everythign else in between I completely forgot even seeing the doctor. I came home from the schools Open House tonight and Paul asked if I had checked our voicemail. He was so excited to tell me that the doctor called and said everything looked good. It was so nice for them to actually tell us on vm rather than just leaving an open ended message that required me to wait nervously until tomorrow to find out the results! Whew!

The Color Purple

No, I am not talking about the book. I am talking about a shirt. A mostly gray shirt with a few stripes of purple and white to be exact.

This morning, Cooper sat on the steps whining and whimpering. I finally asked what was wrong and he told me he didn't have any more new shirts for school. I told him there was one on his dresser and he explained that he did not want to wear that one.

Me: Ummm, why?
Cooper: It's PURPLE!!!
Me: Yeah, ummm, it has like 3 purple stripes. So?
Cooper: Purple is not my favorite color!
Me: Yes, I know but you only have one favorite color and you wear all sorts of other colors even though they aren't your favorite.
Cooper: But PURPLE is a girl color!
Me: What?
Cooper: I'm not wearing it.
Me: Ok. But I see nothing wrong with you wearing any color. Are you sure you won't wear this?Cooper: I'm not going to wear it.
Me: Fine. Here's an orange shirt. Is THAT color ok for you?
Cooper: Yes, can I also wear an undershirt?
Me: Sure
And as I start to put the shirt on him....
Cooper: It's not a GIRL undershirt, is it?
Me: No, WHY????
Cooper: Cause, I don't want to wear a girls undershirt.

Really, this conversation is coming from the ONLY boy in the family, meaning in all of the grandchildren he is seriously the only boy.He has played with baby dolls, Barbies, and all things pink and purple more so than he has with what is typically consider "boyish" toys. I have pictures of this child dressed like a fairy. I may have to attach it to this post if I remember (it's on my other computer) just for proof. He's been in Kindergarten for like 4 days and all of a sudden he thinks certain things are for boys and others are for girls.

Ugh, and I thought the girls were going to be the only ones to give me all the drama! I mean seriously, does this shirt even look one bit girly? Come on!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I can't find my Mommy!

Most parents have probably been there, done that, but when you are in a public place (it has even happened to us at our own home) and you all of a sudden can not locate your child, I believe we all die a little! I mean literally, our hearts stop beating. You can totally see me flat least until the panic sets in.

Today, I was an awesome Mommy! I decided to take Addison to our library's story time for some fun stories, music, dancing and a puppet show. She was shy at first so I sat with her until she was comfortable and then I took Genevieve to look at some books. I could still see Addy, listening to the instructor and dancing all around ( the instructor even came up to her later and complimented her on her dancing). It was almost time to go, so Genevieve and I headed back to the group. The instructor was giving out hand stamps to all the kids and I was talking to someone that had asked me a question, when Addy ran up to ask me if she could get her hand stamped. I told her yes and then I walked a few steps over to Genevieve's stroller where Addy had been the whole time. I had a few books I wanted to check out and figured once Addy returned, we would be on our way.

Today, I was also an awful Mommy! I strapped Jenna in and looked up, slightly wondering where Addy was but there were still a ton of kids getting their hand stamped, so I stood there for a few seconds. Then my heart sank, I felt sick, I started to sweat and for the life of me couldn't even think of what Addy had worn. I was in a room full of mommies and caretakers, so I knew she had to be mixed in between them somewhere. All of a sudden, it hit me...she had on her orange stripped sundress and I instantly found her. She was at the entrance to the library, looking out the doors into the entrance hall where others mingle, drink coffee, read books,etc. I was behind someone and I knew when I saw her looking out the doors that she was in panic mode herself. I still felt sick to my stomach. When I was finally close enough and she saw me, she of course began to cry... she thought I had left her.

This sort of thing doesn't happen often. Actually I can only remember 2 other times 1)when Cooper had just started walking and there was some miscommunication between Paul and I at one of Ashleigh's 1st soccer games and 2) I had gone in to check on Ashleigh before going to bed when she was about 2 and we could not find her (she had somehow ended up under her bed and we couldn't see her because of the bedskirt).

So far, all 3 times have been equally frightening. It's seems to only happen once per kid, but I am hoping that we can avoid this with Genevieve. I don't think my heart can take it again!

I'd also like to take this time to apologize to my Mom, Grandma, and Pap-Pap for any times this happened while they were out with me...I can remember a few;)
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

365 Photo Challenge

The 365 Photo Challenge has crossed my path several times during the last few days. The theory behind taking a picture each day to capture that moment,that memory, will serve to benefit me in 3 ways....1) I can't remember what I did yesterday, let alone last year, so this will help capture all those memories that are so quickly forgotten, 2) it will help document our lives, which is what this blog is intended to do, and 3) it will hopefully improve my nonexistent photography skills.

I am not doing the typical 365 day challenge where you would capture a photo of YOU. You meaning what defines you, your specific thoughts that day, what you felt at a particular moment that day, something that impacted you on that day, etc. Instead, I am going to begin this challenge for each member of the family to capture their moments, feelings, activities and new adventures. All in all, I am using the same thought process but expanding it to capture everyones days for an entire year. Off the bat, this seems like a huge challenge. Basically, it means I will need to take a picture of each person doing something each day or of something that represents them. I think the easiest way to start, would be to begin taking photos on each individuals birthday. This way, I know when we stumble upon yet another birthday for that individual, the challenge is either done or just beginning again. Labels will separate the photos from one another so they will be able to sort within the blog.

I am really excited to get started. First birthday up is Genevieve's. It sounds like a ton of fun and I encourage you to take the challenge as well. You may be shocked to look back over your past year to see what all has changed and what you accomplished!

Monday, July 18, 2011

But I don't want to grow up....

You know how kids always say the funniest, cutest, and craziest things? Well, with 4 kids, we hear a ton of comments. Some will crack you up, others are quite serious and you can't believe a child would even think to say it, and some will bring tears to your eyes. And with girls, these comments usually also demonstrate their quick changing moods. Oh how fun the teen years will be! LOL

Today, while Addison was eating breakfast, she was watching Little Bill and they were attending a wedding. She looked at me and the converation went like this:

Addy: Did you love your wedding Mommy?
Me: Absolutely! It was fantastic!
Addy: I can't wait until I get married. I'm gonna have a pretty dress and a boyfriend.
Me: Yes, but it's going to be a long time before that happens.
Addy: Will you let my boyfriend come to the house after we're married?
Me: Of Course, but you don't need to worry about that right now.
Addy: I don't want to get married.
Me: Ok. Why?
Addy: (Crying) Because I don't want to grow up. I don't want to leave you and Daddy!
Me: That's sweet hunny. You can stay with Mommy and Daddy for as long as you want.
Addy: Ok. ( Sniffle, sniffle)
Me: Why are you crying, you don't need to worry about it for at least another 16 years.Wipe your tears. One day you'll be running for the door.
Addy: Ok, but you'll still let me stay here right?
Me: Yes, Addy.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

S'Mores Sandwich Bar Cookies

Ashleigh was suppose to have a reading "camp out" at school on the day we had to pull her out early to leave for our WV/PA trip. They were suppose to read stories and make S'Mores. She was super excited, until I gave her the news that she wouldn't be there for it. I told her we would make some S'Mores Cookies ( I received the recipe in the mail) the night before we left for the trip for a snack on the way up, but sadly we never got the opportunity.

We finally made them today. Ashleigh was busy playing out side, but Cooper and Addison took some time out to help.

***SN: Mixer was not on when pictures were taken :)

Cooper holding the mixer.                                          Addison taking her turn with the mixer.

Addison adding the Vanilla.                                       Cooper cracking an egg.

Both of them pouring the dry ingredients in.

They would be helping out if they didn't get to lick the beaters...

We mixed everything together and placed part of the cake mixture into the pan....

Baked and then added the chocolate...

Added the marshmallows and the rest of the cake mix...

Baked again...

And after cooling for a while (could have been longer but everyone was excited to try it)...

It turned out super good according to everyone ( I haven't had a piece yet)...Cooper even asked me to make them again ;)

S'Mores Sandwich Bar Cookies
1/2 cup (1 stick) butter or margarine, softened
3/4 cup sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1-1/3 cups flour
3/4 cup graham crackers, coarsely chopped  (I put them in the blender for a thinner consistancy) 
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
5 Hershey Milk Chocolate Bars (1.55oz  each)
3 cups miniature marshmallows


1. Heat over to 350*. Grease 8 inch square baking pan.

2. Beat butter and sugar until well blended in large bowl. Add egg and vanilla; beat well. Stir togetherflour, graham cracker crumbs, baking powder,and salt; add to butter mixture, beating until blended. Press half of dough into the pan. Bake 15 minutes.

3. Arrange unwrapped chocolate bars over baked layer, breaking as needed to fit. Sprinkle on marshmallows; scatter bits of remaining dough over marshmallows, forming a top layer. Bake 10-15 minutes or until lightly brown (I cooked for 18 minutes). Cool completely in pan on wire rack. Cut into 16 bars.       

Friday, July 15, 2011

Cooper's First Day of School

Yesterday was the day we have been waiting 5 years for... Cooper's first day at Kindergarten! Surprisingly he got up early with Ashleigh, was ready by 7AM, and put on his backpack immediately even though he didn't need to be at the bus stop until 8:10.

Paul stayed home to watch him get on the bus for the first time and we all went to the bus stop...

Big sis Ashleigh was there to ride the bus with him and help him find his classroom. He got on the bis with a huge smile and never looked back! I couldn't wait until he got home to see how his day went and what he did all day. He got off the bus with that same huge smile from the morning so I knew he had a great time.

He told me all about his day. Painting and playing with play-doh, he had quiet time, ate lunch and snack, watched the tv for his bus # to be called and went (without any help) to the buses and found the correct bus # and got on to wait for Ashleigh. He gave me all of his forms that needed to be completed and I finished them and placed them in his backpack for Monday morning. Ashleigh then gives me a sticker that she had taken from his shirt that said " See you at Meet the Teacher July 15th from 10:00-11:00".  I thought it was sort of odd since we just had a Meet the Teacher a few weeks ago but I knew we didn't meet his actual teacher so I figured we should go. Once again, Paul would stay home from work so he could assist.

We awaken and everything that could go wrong, does! SN: I just found out today is a full moon, so now I completely understand.

Everyone showers and I pull my hair up (wet) to call the doctor at 8:30 to see if I can squeeze Genevieve in sometime today because I suspect she has an ear infection. They have an opening at 8:50 and the other openings conflict with the Meet the Teacher, so I say 8:50. I figure I'd be in and out, fix my hair, and head to the school. Wrong! I get there at 8:40 (it is literally next door) and get into the room around 8:55ish...the dr doesn't come in until 9:30!!! I have never heard Jenna cry so much. She didn't want to be held, I couldn't let her crawl around the floor, it was nap time and she didn't feel good. Then the doctor takes forever and comes to the conclusion that she does have an ear infection. In my mind, I'm all like " I know, I really don't know why you can't just give me meds without looking because I've been there done that too many times to even count" but I smile and leave...finally. So I get home at 9:50 and we need to leave for the school.

We get there and as soon as we walk in the door-
TA: Do you have the forms that were sent home yesterday?
Me: They are completed but I put them in his backpack to bring in on Monday. Nothing mentioned that I needed to bring them in today.
TA: Well, I need them. I was going to work on them this weekend.
Me: Sorry.
TA: *makes sad face*
TA: Let's show Mommy your cubby. He has his towel but you didn't send any supplies with him. He needs a binder for all of his work.
Me: We purchased the supply kit from the PTA that was suppose to be delivered to him in class.
TA: Oh
TA: *makes sad face*

We go grab the additional paperwork that has been left out and now have to take part in a scavenger hunt with Cooper.

1. Find your teacher and have her take a family photo.  I beg Paul to do this because don't forget, my hair is still wet and pulled back. He finds the teacher, asks for the picture and the teacher FINDS me and tells me to get in the picture too even though I am feeding Jenna....Ugh can't wait t see that one.
2. Have child write their name on the magna doodle. Check
3. Have child show you their cubby. Check
4. Have child build something using 10 blocks. Check
5. Choose a leaf from the giving tree to donate something to the class. Check
6. Introduce yourself to at least 2 other parents. Ummm, not checked. I am not that mom. I do not want to know the other parents nor do I have the time. I don't see the friends I have as it is.

So we are set to leave, and the TA gives Cooper a hug.

Me: Sorry I didn't bring those papers in. They are done and will be in his bag on Monday.
TA: No worries, with that many kids, things are going to get forgotten.
Me: *shock and awe face* and Paul pushing me out the door
Nothing stated to bring the forms, so what exactly was forgotten? This women should be thanking God tonight, that is all!

So we had a Meet the Teacher a few weeks ago, we had one today, and then they are having Open House next week. Couldn't we make this easy on everyone and do this all at once? And they are having a "Tears and Tissues" Breakfast on Monday...ummm no thanks!

I have no problems with attending things, but please give me some advance notice. My family with "that many kids" doesn't hinder my ability to remember or attend, but we do have schedules that can not be adjusted on a moments notice. And if you want your forms on a certain day...then tell me!

*Counting to 10*