Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Bug Valentines

I found a ton of cute cards on Pinterest for Valentines Day, but I really liked this one I found here. She even provides a template to make it super easy.

Of course, I waited till last minute to search for the bugs. Typical.  I actually wanted to find individually wrapped bug candy to attach to the cards instead of the plastic ones but couldn't find them. I know they make them but it is probably something you come across more easily during October. I did find a pack of the plastic bugs at Joann's but they only had one pack. ( I am sure everyone saw this on pinterest and did it too LOL). In the end, I bought foam insect stickers. These turned out great since the kids were able to attach them without any help.

Their finished product:

I can't wait to see all the Valentines they get from their friends. They were so excited to go to school and pass out their cards! Thanks dandee for such a great idea!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


There's always going to come a time when someone's patience runs out. Being an only child, it was very rare that I ever had to wait long before someone was able to get me what I needed. As a mom of 4, I find that I do say "In a minute!" ALOT! Last night was no exception.

It was a pretty hectic week and we decided to take the kids to Skids, the drop in daycare, and have some down time with Bean. While everyone was getting ready, Cooper came in and wanted an apple. Fine, eat an apple. Then he came up and asked for someone to peel it for him because he doesn't like the skin. My thoughts... "Seriously? Eat the apple. It comes with skin, eat the damn skin. " What I actually said, "In a minute, I'm changing Bean."

Paul and I exchanged a few words about our plans, while he found my belt that I wasn't able to find all week (the reason I never left the house :/ ). Then as I was walking towards the door to go downstairs, Cooper bursts into the room with his hand held out and blood everywhere. I mean blood was EVERYWHERE! I immediately asked if he had cut himself on the peeler and he said that he had fallen off his bike and hit a rock. So Paul took him downstairs to see what the damage was and I went to get a towel.

I go downstairs to find an apple with a slice taken out of it, a wad of bloody paper towels, a bunch of bloody bandaids strewn everywhere and a trail of blood from the kitchen to the stairs. So I go all CSI and put the pieces together and ask again if he tried to peel his apple. He finally caved and confessed that he thought he could peel the apple and instead peeled the tip of his thumb. UGH

I'm amazed that he was able to 1. keep quiet when the incident happened and 2. tried to take care of it and bandage himself up. I would have 1. screamed out and 2. fainted and hit my head on the table.

Ashleigh also peeled her finger this past November on Thanksgiving Day. Peelers are no joke people!

Lesson I learned...keep the peelers out of the kids reach so that Addy and bean aren't it's next victims. Lesson Cooper learned...if he wants to get away with something, he better do a better job of hiding the bloody evidence...literally! Oh yeah, and not to try to peel his apples!