Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thought for Thursday

I was thinking...I know, I know...ya'll are like "what the what? Danielle thinks?". Yeah, it happens. And sometimes I think I actually have a good idea.

When Ash first started school, her bus stop was literally right outside our door. I mean the school was like right next door to our house, so she only rode it for like 3 seconds to and from school anyway. Well down here, we live in a cul-de-sac. The bus is not permitted to actually enter our little subdivision, so we have to walk them out to the main road for the bus to pick them up. It's not a far walk, but none the less I still have to get them to the bus stop before it comes in the morning and also be there before they get dropped off in the afternoon. The school is in a different town, so the kids are riding the bus for about 15 to 20 minutes now.

Normally, the bus is right on time in the morning (8:10). During the afternoon it is a total toss up as to when the bus will get there. Usually it's 4:20, sometime 4:30, sometime 4:10. That means I could potentially be standing at the bus stop for at the least 30 minutes. Then are days where the bus breaks down, or a student missed their stop, and we are waiting even longer.

Can someone say Bus Tracker App? This has to be possible! With all the new and improved electronics and GPS stuff out there. Now, I am a total noob when it comes to technology. I mean even though I know I can figure out how to unplug the Wii when it needs it, I still wait for Paul to come home to do it. It just seems to complicated. So I need someone out there to develop an app for my cell phone that can track may children's school bus. It can make some sort of cool sound when the bus is like 5 minutes away and I can pull it up on GPS so I can see where they are whenever I want. Oh and if they break down or are in an accident, I should receive some sort of notification.

If you know of such a tool, please don't hold back. Tell me about it! If one doesn't exist, than can someone please get on it...I am way too hot standing at the bus stop...and not in a great looking hot way, more like a sweaty hot mess. Thanks

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