Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wrightsville Beach

8/7/2011- We headed over to Wrightsville Beach on Sunday with Christina and Jeff. The sun was hot and the waves were big! We brought our canopy tent, so we set that up and lotioned everyone up. The water felt great!
Ashleigh, Cooper and Addison played in the sand and I got Genevieve used to the water. She loved it. She was either sitting in the waves that were able to reach her or crawling all over the place. She really seemed interested in touching the sand this time and even snuck a few handfuls into her mouth! It didn't seem to phase her at all.

Jenna before she went in the water:

The crew:

Getting hit by a wave:

Loving it!:

Paul did take video of how excited Jenna got when the water would come up to her, but somehow it did not save properly. Hopefully we will get some good video of everyone next time!
I took her back up to the tent so that she could eat and drink her bottle. Last time we were at the beach, she went right to sleep and took a nice little nap on the beach. Today she just wanted to keep exploring, so she would not go down for a nap.

We decided to leave the beach around 3:30 to go check into our hotel room. Poor Christina and Jeff had to wait for us to get everyone spray off so that they could get into the car. Washing sand off of us and 4 kids is no fun! Once we were all rinsed off and finally loaded into the car, we headed to the hotel. We checked in and got ready for dinner.

We ate dinner at an Italian restaurant, Eddie Romanelli's. I thought it was really good. Paul isn't sure if he liked their sauce or not. Either way, our waiter was very friendly and I had a very good dining experience.

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