Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fort Fisher and Kure Beach Pier

8/9/2011-  It never fails, every time we are in the area, the Fort Fisher Historic Site Museum is closed. It's about 25 minutes from the Wrightsville Beach,NC area, close to the Fort Fisher Aquarium. Since we were going to the aquarium on Monday (post here), Paul was pretty excited that we would finally get to go into the museum. Guess what? What are the two days they are closed? Sunday and Monday!!!

I was ecstatic since it was hot as hell out devasted. I told Paul we'd make sure to stop by next time we were in the area and we continued on our way to the aquarium.

Before we left the next day, we wanted to get in a few sites and Christina and Jeff wanted to see Carolina and Kure Beach. Oh happy day! We would once again be in the Fort Fisher area, so lucky us would get to go to the museum.

The museum had some fun stuff inside. We could dress up and take fun pics...

       Can I just say...Ash looks way happier with her Daddy!

And then you can do a little self guided tour outside. There may even be a tour guide but there was a sign saying all tours were canceled because of the heat. Yeah, thanks Babe! I probably went about a forth of the way and then turned around because there were no more trees to provide shade for Bean.

After we left the museum, we stopped at the Kure Beach Pier. They have a little store attached to the pier for fishing supplies and such and I wanted to get Bean a hat since we would be out in the direct sun light. When Paul went to check out, they had a minimum credit card sale of $10 and the hat was only $7, so I grabbed another hat for me too. Bean kept pulling her hat off and the wind kept blowing mine off!

We ate lunch and then headed home since Addy had her 1st soccer practice in the evening. Our trip home consisted of crying, fighting, laughing, Paul and I both being miserable from the sunburns we recieved on Sunday, and one old man with an obvious desire to commit suicide since he decided to run out in front of us to pick up deris on I-40 while we were traveling 80 MPH. If I would have been driving, he would have been a goner.

Overall, it was another great day!

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