Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Raleigh Natural Science Museum

8.6.2011- On Saturday, we woke up to some thunderstorms but we had already planned to go to the Raleigh Natural Science Museum, so it really didn't put a damper on our day.

I really second guessed our decision to venture out when we first arrived downtown Raleigh. After parking, we walked over to meet Paul who was getting Genevieve out of her car seat. As soon as he turned around, I noticed she had had a major blow out in her diaper. There was poo everywhere! least I brought an extra set of clothes ( which I never do by the way). Once she was wiped down and changed, we headed into the museum. It was super hot and humid and the rain did not help matters.

The kids loved the museum. We have been a few times and they always seem to enjoy it. This was the first time they got to go into the discovery room. There was a ton of stuff for them to explore in there. Ashleigh got to touch a snake, they got to dress up as animals/insects and they got to learn about bee hives and honey.

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