Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Am I going to be sick or is my house really shaking...

Yesterday, while Jenna and Addy were napping, I was enjoying some quiet peacefulness on the couch. It was about 1:54 and I heard this weird creaking sound and then noticed that the house was actually shaking. Initially, I thought I was hallucinating and wondered if I was still feeling the side effects of the illness I had over the weekend. Then, I thought that maybe they were way off on the hurricane arrival and the strong winds were already starting. Though when I looked outside, nothing was happening. My cell went off and my neighbor was asking if my house was just shaking, confirming that I was in fact not crazy.I e-mailed Paul, and he called to tell me that they felt it too.

It turns out that there was a 5.8 earthquake in VA and it was felt all the way up and down the east coast. It blows my mind that the tremors I was feeling, were being felt by my Mom (8+ hours away). Thankfully, there weren't any serious injuries that resulted from the least that I know about. 

A funny pic from FB:

This happens to be our first earthquake (that I have felt). Although it was more shocking here, I am sure those that were near the epicenter were a little more shaken up especially since they had to deal with aftershocks too. I was excited to see what the kids thought about it when they got home from school but apparently they didn't feel it. Explaining it to Cooper was a task in itself! He kept asking what it looked like, was there a flood, rain, what color was the sky LOL

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  1. We were in Weirton felt nothing, oh well, kinda glad we didn't feel it, we were in the car. Glad to hear all is well. Be careful out there:) rkm