Monday, August 15, 2011

Toasted Cheese, Anyone?

Today, I walked downstairs to check on the kids since I could hear them in the kitchen. I assumed they were getting their snack.

When I walked in, Ashleigh informed me that she was making grilled cheese for everyone. Ok. When I was little, I would make "grilled cheese" in the microwave. Some bread with butter and cheese in the microwave for a minute and you had your instant grilled cheese.  I didn't immediately panic until I realized the microwave was not running.

The stove...panless. No butter in sight. Cheese still wrapped and sitting on the table.

Me: How?
Ashleigh: The toaster!
Me: What?
Ashleigh: What? I am toasting the bread and then putting cheese on it...grilled cheese.
Me: So there's no cheese in my toaster, right?
Ashleigh: Why would I put cheese in the toaster?
Me: Ummm, why would you make grilled cheese in the toaster period?
Ashleigh: Because when you cook on the stove, you're just toasting it, right?
Me: No, it grills it hence the name grilled cheese instead of toasted cheese sandwich.

In the end, they had real grilled cheese for lunch sans toaster.

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