Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year I was determine to make the kids their Halloween costumes. For some reason, the idea of making them cave kids had popped into my mind. I figured felt would be super easy to work with and I convinced Paul to buy me a sewing machine.

I started out with Addy's outfit. I traced the outline of a dress she had, cut it out, sewed up the sides and hot glued black triangles onto the dress. After I finished hers, I decided that we should all dress up as the flinestones. I bought the bone hair piece at a Halloween store to complete her "Pebbles" look. It was cold out, so she wore a turtle neck and leggings underneath.

After going through the list of characters on the Flintstones, we decided Ashleigh would be "Betty". 


Cooper was of course "Bam Bam".


Next came "Fred" .... 

Then "Wilma"....(my necklace was foil that I made into balls and wrapped with felt)

And we couldn't have the Flintstone's without Dino.... I made G's out of fleece (so she was nice and warm) and it was more stretchy than the felt, so she was able to move around easily. I added a zipper for easy access and hand sewed on the tail.

I made everyone go out to our annual festival, Hollyfest, even though it was freezing and wet. It was a huge mud hole and even though there were a TON of people there, I am pretty sure we were the only ones there in a costume. LOL At least we were awesome! 

We came home and headed over to our neighbors for an awesome Halloween Party. I made "witch's brew" and it was delicious. I'll post pics and the recipe later (I forgot pics today but am making again tomorrow).

This by far was our best Halloween and I am already looking forward to next year.

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