Monday, October 3, 2011

Tulle Pom Poms

In preparation for Genevieve's 1st birthday party, I came across decorative pom poms while browsing Pinterest. They were made out of tulle and appeared to be very easy to make.

Supplies I used:
Foam board
Exacto knife

First, decide what size pom pom you want to make. You can make them small enough to attach to a hair band or as big as the card board will allow you. This will determine the size of your circle and the amount of tulle you will need.

Using the bucket, I traced a circle on the foam board and cut it out with the exacto knife. I cut a small hole in the center and a thin section from the small circle to the outer edge. I did two of these, one using the top of the bucket and one using the bottom of the bucket so that I would have two different sizes.

I got 2 yards of tulle in 4 different colors. After lying the tulle out on the floor, I cut it into 12"-15" wide strips down the entire length of the tulle. So I basically ended up with 15"x6' pieces. I took the strips and began wrapping them around the circles. Wrap multiple colors for a multiple color look. I used 4 strips of tulle for the larger circles and 2 strips for the smaller circles.

Once the tulle was wrapped around the circle, I took my scissors and cut the tulle along the edges of the circle. I then had tulle sticking out on both sides of the circle.

Taking the wire (ribbon/string),I wrapped it around the tulle, close to the center and as tight as possible. Once the wire was secure, I removed the tulle from the middle of the circle cutout and fluffed it out. If there were any long pieces sticking out awkwardly, I just trimmed them up with the scissors to make them a perfect ball.

In the end, I had a perfect tulle pom pom.

These were sooo easy and I think they look very cute. They could be used for birthdays, wedding, showers, or even room decor. The wire was $3.99 and the tulle was $1.49 a yard, so they were inexpensive too!

Out of the 8 yards of tulle, I got 3 large pom poms and 4 smaller pom poms. These will be hung from the ceiling or entry ways (haven't decided yet) with ribbon or string.

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