Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cloth Teething Guard

I never had many issues with our first 3 children chewing on the crib rails. Of course, they'd chew on them every once and a while but G must be part baby girl and part beaver. We bought the plastic/rubber rail guards but she just takes them off and beats her crib with them. Never mind the fact that the guards don't fit particularly well to begin with.

Here's a picture of the area she chewed on the back rail...

I had pretty much given up on saving the crib. I figured it would just have to be sanded down and re-stained anyway. While on pinterest, I came across this teething guard. I seriously wasn't even looking! It looked simple enough, so I ran out and grabbed the material.

My crib rail is 51.5", so I bought:
  • 1.5 yards of single face quilted fabric (so I wouldn't have to sew 2 pieces together)
  • 3 yards of fabric ( I bought 1 in one pattern and 2 in another)
  • Spool of ribbon (so I wouldn't have to make ties)

SN: I did not need that much fabric and have a ton left over.

1. I cut my fabric to size. Since I was using 2 different patterns, I added a few inches to allow for room to sew them all together. My pieces were 18" x 6". I cut my quilted fabric to 51.5" X 5". Then I sewed the 3 pieces of fabric together.

2. I put the fabric face down and placed the quilted fabric on top. Then I folded the edges and pinned into place. I did not iron...just folded and pinned.

3. Instead of making the ties, I just used ribbon. I think the ties would have been stronger, but only time will tell:) I cut the ribbon in 5" strips and pinned them into place. I used shorter ties so that they wouldn't hang down. I put the guard on G's crib and marked where I wanted the ties placed, just like the website said to do.

 4. I used my sewing machine to straight stitch the entire thing together. Placed it on the crib and tied the ribbon.

I think it turned out really cute. I am still working on the back rail. I had to rush through the front rails gaurd since she has really been going to town on it LOL

Update: I ended up adding actual ties to the guard because G proved to be too strong for the ribbon I used.


  1. newbie to did you make the ties?

  2. I cut outstrips of the material, about 1.5" by 10". I placed 2 strips together, pattern side facing each other and I sewed up both sides and one end. Then I turned the tie right side out (you can use a pencil or something long to do this). Then I tucked the remaining open end fabric inside and stitched the end shut. I put them across the bottom of the guard (spacing them evenly) and I ran a quick stitch on each side of the tie where the tie met the edge of the guard. Hopefully that helps you! Good luck!