Sunday, October 16, 2011

Homemade Lawn Spider

I was really excited about decorating for Halloween thanks to Pinterest. I found these awesome spiders (at least I thought they looked cute) and was determined to make them. I couldn't find black 260 balloons anywhere, so I ordered them online. They arrived yesterday and I set out to make the spiders.

The directions say not to be timid, but the first 2 I tried busted :( The remaining ones were either too short or I had a leftover skinny section that just hung from bottom of one of the legs. Paul promised he would figure out something else, so we tossed a few ideas around today.We ended up buying some corrugated pipe from Lowe's and Paul figured out the rest as he went.

First, Paul cut the pipe to the size he wanted using a utility knife. Then he staked them into the yard (originally was suppose to be up on the roof, maybe next year)...

We had a black garbage can that we never used in our garage, so we used that for the body. Paul just placed the can directly on the tubes. We may secure it later, but for right now it's staying in place. He placed more tubing inside the can in a U shape for the eyes and placed white Christmas lights in the tube, then covered the tube with some orange felt scrapes (orange eyes). Then he added the insides of a green air filter we had hanging around to the lid opening to cover the tube eyes. Some white felt fangs were added for a finishing touch. 

Finished product...

It turned out super cute and wasn't hard (for the most part). We just used some random stuff we had around the house and the pipe.

SN: Our neighbor has agreed to allow everyone to believe that there were no frustrating moments/cursing and everything went as planned. That's her story and we are all sticking to it!  LOL;)

If anyone has some cool, fun decorations...feel free to share. I love making my husband do things! Thanks Babe!

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