Saturday, July 23, 2011

Man on a Mission

Paul and I decided to go to PetSmart last night to pick up something we needed for the cats. We had forgotten Genevieve's stroller, so for the first time ever, she was going to sit in a shopping cart. While putting her in, some guy came into the store and grabbed a cart beside us and took off. I didn't think  much of it and after getting her in the cart, we headed for the cat section. By the time we got there, Genevieve was looking all sorts of uncomfy. She had her feet up in the air and she was practically on her back and Paul was trying to adjust her so she wouldn't fall out. There was no one around, so we weren't in any ones way.

Then BAM, the man who was all in a hurry when we were first putting her into the cart appeared and literally almost took Paul out. I was behind Paul and I backed off and made the "Go ahead" gesture because god forbid we get in his way. Paul had stopped a few steps ahead to finish arranging Jenna and to look at the cat supplies, when the guy had practically crawled up Paul's backside. I had finally had enough (ever heard of personal space) so I said " Please move Paul and let this guy get what he needs." I mean, this guy obviously had a cat emergency and he needed his supplies bad. He never apologized for almost running Paul over or giving Jenna whiplash.

We continued to walk around the store and make comments/jokes about how bad someone could need something for their pet in such a hurry. He obviously had no regard for anyone else and his sole purpose in life was to get a litter box.

We stopped to observe the animals they had, when someone ran past us and said "Excuse me." When I looked up, I noticed it was the guy on a cat mission. I couldn't believe my eyes and said "OMG, he does actually know how to say excuse me." LOL

In hindsight, maybe I was too harsh. Maybe someone had his wife held ransom (or worse his cat), and if he didn't get the litter box within so many minutes, the wife/cat was as good as gone. Or maybe the whole world was being put in danger, and he just saved my life by getting those supplies as quickly as possible. Anything's possible I guess. I just wish the man could have slowed down and backed off my husbands back a little, Paul was after all, there first!

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