Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I can't find my Mommy!

Most parents have probably been there, done that, but when you are in a public place (it has even happened to us at our own home) and you all of a sudden can not locate your child, I believe we all die a little! I mean literally, our hearts stop beating. You can totally see me flat least until the panic sets in.

Today, I was an awesome Mommy! I decided to take Addison to our library's story time for some fun stories, music, dancing and a puppet show. She was shy at first so I sat with her until she was comfortable and then I took Genevieve to look at some books. I could still see Addy, listening to the instructor and dancing all around ( the instructor even came up to her later and complimented her on her dancing). It was almost time to go, so Genevieve and I headed back to the group. The instructor was giving out hand stamps to all the kids and I was talking to someone that had asked me a question, when Addy ran up to ask me if she could get her hand stamped. I told her yes and then I walked a few steps over to Genevieve's stroller where Addy had been the whole time. I had a few books I wanted to check out and figured once Addy returned, we would be on our way.

Today, I was also an awful Mommy! I strapped Jenna in and looked up, slightly wondering where Addy was but there were still a ton of kids getting their hand stamped, so I stood there for a few seconds. Then my heart sank, I felt sick, I started to sweat and for the life of me couldn't even think of what Addy had worn. I was in a room full of mommies and caretakers, so I knew she had to be mixed in between them somewhere. All of a sudden, it hit me...she had on her orange stripped sundress and I instantly found her. She was at the entrance to the library, looking out the doors into the entrance hall where others mingle, drink coffee, read books,etc. I was behind someone and I knew when I saw her looking out the doors that she was in panic mode herself. I still felt sick to my stomach. When I was finally close enough and she saw me, she of course began to cry... she thought I had left her.

This sort of thing doesn't happen often. Actually I can only remember 2 other times 1)when Cooper had just started walking and there was some miscommunication between Paul and I at one of Ashleigh's 1st soccer games and 2) I had gone in to check on Ashleigh before going to bed when she was about 2 and we could not find her (she had somehow ended up under her bed and we couldn't see her because of the bedskirt).

So far, all 3 times have been equally frightening. It's seems to only happen once per kid, but I am hoping that we can avoid this with Genevieve. I don't think my heart can take it again!

I'd also like to take this time to apologize to my Mom, Grandma, and Pap-Pap for any times this happened while they were out with me...I can remember a few;)
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  1. I lost Ryan @ story time too. He went behind those book shelves where she does the puppet show. I totally know the feeling. It gets crazy once the lady is done and there is a stampede to the stamps!