Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Color Purple

No, I am not talking about the book. I am talking about a shirt. A mostly gray shirt with a few stripes of purple and white to be exact.

This morning, Cooper sat on the steps whining and whimpering. I finally asked what was wrong and he told me he didn't have any more new shirts for school. I told him there was one on his dresser and he explained that he did not want to wear that one.

Me: Ummm, why?
Cooper: It's PURPLE!!!
Me: Yeah, ummm, it has like 3 purple stripes. So?
Cooper: Purple is not my favorite color!
Me: Yes, I know but you only have one favorite color and you wear all sorts of other colors even though they aren't your favorite.
Cooper: But PURPLE is a girl color!
Me: What?
Cooper: I'm not wearing it.
Me: Ok. But I see nothing wrong with you wearing any color. Are you sure you won't wear this?Cooper: I'm not going to wear it.
Me: Fine. Here's an orange shirt. Is THAT color ok for you?
Cooper: Yes, can I also wear an undershirt?
Me: Sure
And as I start to put the shirt on him....
Cooper: It's not a GIRL undershirt, is it?
Me: No, WHY????
Cooper: Cause, I don't want to wear a girls undershirt.

Really, this conversation is coming from the ONLY boy in the family, meaning in all of the grandchildren he is seriously the only boy.He has played with baby dolls, Barbies, and all things pink and purple more so than he has with what is typically consider "boyish" toys. I have pictures of this child dressed like a fairy. I may have to attach it to this post if I remember (it's on my other computer) just for proof. He's been in Kindergarten for like 4 days and all of a sudden he thinks certain things are for boys and others are for girls.

Ugh, and I thought the girls were going to be the only ones to give me all the drama! I mean seriously, does this shirt even look one bit girly? Come on!


  1. That is hysterical! My son (who is 5) is exactly the same way. I used to laugh thinking I would never make my son worry about colors, toys, etc in a gender fashion, but they do it on their own. Stopping by from TM!

  2. I like that shirt for a boy. Of course I convinced my 7 year old to wear a shirt the other day that was maroon (not pink) so he could coordinate with the girls. LOL!