Sunday, January 23, 2011

From Old to New

Ashleigh had school again yesterday for one of her snow make up days. Once Paul got her on the bus, we left to run some errands. First, we went to Home Depot to pick up some supplies to refinish the kitchen table that we bought last weekend. Then we stopped at the Cup Cake Bite in Fuquay. The cupcakes were pretty tasty and the shop itself was very cute. We stopped by Lowes Foods to get a few things they had on sale and to compare prices to Wal-Mart. Their prices are at least 50% higher than Wal-Mart's for same brand items. I can only assume the way to shop there would be with coupons.

We took the kids to the drop off daycare Saturday night and went to the mall to drop my wedding rings off to have them resized and went out to eat at The La Rancherita. We also stopped by Joann Fabrics to get the material for the kitchen chair seats.

Today I began working on the table and chairs. Once I started, I thought it was going to take me forever. Here are a few pics before:



Here are the finished pics:

It took only about 5 hours total.We bought the table for $40 and spent about $60 in materials to refinish it. It will be perfect for what we need it for ...kid projects and such.

And to close, I just witnessed the Jets lose to the Steelers...FAIL 

For next weekend, I am trying to convince Paul to paint my entrance way and living room. Wish me luck LOL