Friday, January 14, 2011

Dentist Appointments and More

Today was the day I've been waiting for 5 years to arrive! It was actually suppose to be this past Tuesday but due to the ice storm that crossed our path, it was postponed....

I registered Cooper for Kindergarten!!!! He officially starts K in July and it is pretty safe to say that he and I are very excited. He can't wait to ride the bus with Ashleigh.

This was the first time I registered one of the kids for school. Paul usually does this kind of thing, but since he had to work, I was up for the challenge.Since I have such a large crew in tow, I am glad I went when I did. There was no one currently registering, but right before I finsihed a few were showing up and there weren't many seats left for them LOL

Side Note: The receptionist isn't the sharpest tool in the shed... Upon my arrival, I specifically told her that I was here to register my son for K and also pick up my daughter for a dentist appointment. When I was done filling out my paperwork, I again told her I needed to get Ash out from her class since she hadn't shown up. She looked at me and says," How funny, there was just a little girl here from that same class saying that her mom was suppose to pick her up now, but since her mom wasn't here I sent her back to her class." Ummm, I told you when I got here that I also had to pick up my daughter...whatever. So as soon as Ash got back to class, the receptionist was calling for her to come back to the office. At least she got her exercise today :)

Our next stop, the dentist. Taking 3 kids to the dentist with a baby tagging along was a challenge. The teenager in the waiting room looked at me like I didn't know how babies were made and the admin laughed when she kept handing me forms that needed to be updated for each of the kids. Bean chilled in her stroller and laughed at the pictures on the wall (she seems to really like pictures on walls).

Addy was up first and they took us to a room the size of my bathroom. There was a chair in the corner, so Cooper sat there while Ash and I stood at the foot of the dentist chair with Jenna in her stroller. Addy did great and her teeth look fabulous. Cooper was next and we got to move into a bigger room...YAY He seemed a little scared, so I stayed with him while he had his cleaning but he ended up doing great. No issues with his teeth either. While Cooper was having his teeth checked, Ash was getting her teeth cleaned. She was told she needs to do a better job on brushing her teeth (they are tilted at a weird angle and kind of crowded), so now we are going to have to start making sure she is really getting them clean. She does have 4 loose teeth, one of which they said should fall out before Valentines Day.

Ashleigh has school tomorrow ( Sat) due to that ice storm that resulted in a Snow Day. Since she is year round, they make up snow days on Saturdays. At least Paul will be here tomorrow so he can deal with bus duty...

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