Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Errands

After getting Ash on the school bus, we left to get Addy a new hair-do. We were originally going to go to Snip-Its in Apex, but when we got there we noticed that they must have closed that location. So we ended up going to some where else. She got about 6 inches cut off....

Addy before:

Addy After:
She's adorable either way but I really miss her long hair. It grows pretty fast, so it shouldn't take long for it to grow back:)

After we got her hair cut, we went to Panera Bread. It was busy but Paul said we could eat outside. I didn't really think about it and we went in and ordered. We took everything outside and after sitiing there for a few minutes, I noticed it was sort of chilly. I quickly finished eating since my sandwich was wrong (won't even go there) and took Cooper and Jenna to the car. How cool was it??? 41*...nice! Who doesn't like to eat outside in the nice crisp air when it's 41* out.

We were suppose to go to Target as well but after that,I just wanted to go home and thaw out LOL

Today we decided to go to Macy's to look at the mattress my mom found online and offered to buy for the girls. We went to the mall closest to us and after waiting for Ash to take a restroom break, we ventured upstairs. SN: It's always fun to find the elevators in Macy's.

We quickly realized that this Macy's didn't have mattress samples, so I told Paul to call the other one before we left. Addy the had to use the bathroom, so I took her since it was right there. When we came back from the restroom, we couldn't find Paul. We looked everywhere, even went out to the car, and the finally went back to the bedding section where we originally lost them. They were standing there and Paul was tryong to call my cell. So where did they go? Ummm,  they went back down stairs to the restroom that we used when we took Ash.No one saw me walk two steps from them to go to the one upstairs.SN: I didn't have my cell...I never have my cell...I am a terrible person to track down.

We finally get to the other Macy's and ask a sales associate about the mattress we saw online... it was $247 for the twin set. The sales guy looked at me like I was crazy and said he knew nothing about one that "cheap". Oh, well excuse me for not wanting to invest $500 per mattress. We found it online and showed someone else, who did show us the mattress. The mattress is terrible so don't even bother. The other sales person showed us a few other options, which are more expensive, but we'll just have to compare to a few other places.

We have also been looking for a table for the breakfast area and I found one today for $40. It's used and Paul is going to have to refinish it, but it was $40!!! And it will be perfect for the kids to do projects on...YAY!

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