Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ENT Visit

Today we took a trip to the ENT to get the "scoop on Coop" LOL

Little background: In October, I started to notice that Cooper couldn't hear us (or was at the least, ignoring us). Paul and I were convinced he was being a typical boy and ignoring us, or maybe a simple case of selective hearing. At his 5 year check up in December, the doctor did notice fluid in his ears and he failed his hearing test! I couldn't believe he failed. For one, my kids don't typically fail tests and secondly, what a terrible mom I am to have thought he was just ignoring us.

We put him on Claritin to try and dry up the fluid and we went back in January. There was no change and he failed the hearing test again. So they referred us to the ENT to see what he recommended.

Prior to moving here, he had ear infections all.the.time. Actaully all three of them had ear infection issues. And while I know Ash had tubes twice, and Addy had them once...I can't for the life of me remember if Cooper had them once or twice. Seriously! I just can't find any of the documents and obviously didn't update his record book. Nice!

So off to the ENT we went. Ashleigh was in school, so it was just me, Coop, Addy and Bean. I hate driving to unfamiliar places. I am "technically" suppose to wear glasses to make things less blurry, but I don't. I validate this because I can still see objects and read basic signs, I just can't always read little street signs. So after driving past the office the first time and having to turn around (and listen to Cooper complain that we ALWAYS pass up places) we finally arrived.

The office staff was super nice! I was actaully impressed. One thing I found odd...they took Cooper's pic via webcam for his file. I've never had that done before.

The kids were "okay" while waiting but I feel like they talk so loud and it was so quiet in there. I noticed this older couple watching them and felt that stressed feeling of making sure they were well behaved. Of course, Bean seemed a little more frustrated than usual, so it just added to the stress.

The nurse called us back and took all of his info and such. Before leaving, she commented on how well behaved the kids were being, saying that typically kids are all over the place and parents are usally frustrated while providing the info. She obviously wasn't a viewer of the waiting room show they provided. LOL

The doctor came in and checked Cooper out. Apparently he does have fluid in his ears and his adnoids are larger than normal. The adnoid issues actually explain a few of Cooper's other issues. He is a snorer and breathes thru his mouth for the most part, which are typical symptoms. But he is also a picky and SLOW eater. When the doctor asked about his eatting habits, I was a little confused. Turns out, having larger adnoids actually impacts eatting since it is hard to taste/smell the food and he has to breathe through his mouth rather than his nose.

The doctor suggested using a prescribed spray and then see how things are going in a month. He offered to do surgery immediately if we wanted but I think if they spray might work, we might as well try it.

Cooper did GREAT for the doctor...answered questions, let him look at everything and poke around on him. He really is a good boy...just think he gets bored being with Mommy all day long :)

On another note, I was invited to my first MNI ( Mommy's Night In) that I went to last night. It was a ton of fun and I got to hang out with friends and meet some new mommies. Thanks Jenny! I came home to a clean Bean  LOL ( Paul had given Jenna a bath) and the kids were asleep. I started watching Teen Mom 2 but since it was late, we went to I need to see the end of it.

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