Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Doctor Appointment and Another Hat Done

Warning: The below may contain TMI ;)

Yesterday was my doctor appointment. For about a year and half, I have been having some abnormal test results coming back. It doesn't appear to be anything major, but they like to preform a Colposcopy to make sure it doesn't become an issue. This appointment has been rescheduled twice now due to unavoidable circumstances and I finally had it set for yesterday @ 1:30. They called me last week to rechedule it from 1:30 to 4:30 because of a surgery the doctor had to squeeze in on that day. No biggie, but I would have to pick Ash up from school early since no one would be here if she rode the bus home.

I wrote a note yesterday saying that I would pick her up early and sent her off to school. At 10:30, the doctors office calls again and asks if I would be able to come in at 11:30 now instead of 4:30. My managers wanted to meet with me before I left, so I had limited time to get ready, let alone call the school to explain that they could disregard the note I had sent with Ash and she could now ride the bus home. On the way to the Dr., I called Paul and asked him to call the school since he had their #.

I took Jenna with me, figuring that she would sleep the entire time. We got into the room, basic questions and then we waited for the doctor. It seemed to take forever...maybe it didn't but it really felt like it. Jenna got a little fussy in her seat and then my worst fear....she pooped! Since I was waiting for the doctor, I couldn't get up and change her (since I am home with her, there are very few times she has ever had to sit in a dirty diaper if any, and she does not like it). All I could think was, "I hope the doctor doesn't smell her and think it is me."  The doctor finally came in and I figured we would be out of there in no time.

I lie back, he gets his microscope thingy ready and he gets situated. Then, even though I thought Jenna pooping her pants was going to be the worst part, he looks up and says to the nurse ," the light bulb in the microscope is burnt out. Do you think we have a spare?" Can you say OMG! SO she goes to look for it and he is still sitting south of my belly button and starts cooing at Jenna. AWKWARD!!! The nurse comes back with no luck, so they both went to search. They come back without finding a new bulb, so he puts the old one in and starts shaking it about and it finally flickers on. Thank God! By this time, Jenna is not a happy camper. The procedure is done in a few minutes and we go home, which has to be better, right?

Once home, Paul tells me that the conversation with the school did not go well. SN: Same receptionist I dealt with when registering Coop for Kindy. She was utterly confused, so Paul had to tell her a few times that Ashleigh just needed to get on the bus as usual. Of course, her bus was later than usual, so I couldn't tell if she had gotten on the bus or if they had kept her in error due to the confusion. During all of this (I was on the phone with Paul)  Coop and Addy found the thawed freeze pops, opened them and spilled the contents all over the kitchen...YAY I guess I should be glad they didn't leave the kitchen area.

Hat #2

Since the first hat I made didn't fit Jenna, I decided to make another one using the smaller thread that I used for the other hats Pom-Pom ball. It turned out pretty cute and does fit Jenna. I have the Puff Hat down, so I guess it's time to try something other than a hat LOL

Here's a pic with both:

Pic of just the hat:

Jenna wearing the hat ( she was sleeping but I needed a model for the hat):

It's not as thick as the green one because it is a smaller thread, but I think it turned out ok. I still LOVE the one that Jenny made her (which the doctor and nurse at my above doctor appointment loved as well). It really just looks so cute on her (see below pic)! Pink is definitely her color.

Needless to say, I am ecstatic that the weekend is here. Although I have many things that I would love to get accomplished or at least started...I am sure Paul just can't wait to hear them.

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