Monday, January 2, 2012

Handmade Holiday Banner

We hosted a New Year's Eve party this year, so of course I immediately went to Pinterest for ideas LOL I had come across a "Happy New Year" banner here and decided to make one my self.

2 sheets silver card stock
2 sheets gold card stock
2 sheets black glitter card stock
Thin black ribbon

$7 total in material and it did not take long to make. Mine isn't hand stamped or anything but I think it turned out really nice.

I printed letter templates from here and cut the letters out using the black glitter paper. I originally cut the silver and gold paper into 6x6 squares, but ended up cutting them down to circles. I thought it looked cuter.

I hot glued the letters onto the circles. After placing them out in the right position, I decided I would add some stars, to break up the New and Year. Then I added a few little stars to hang from the big ones. I used my hole punch to punch holes into the paper, then tied them together using the black ribbon You can tie them, or hook them together like the original link shows. You can even hot glue the ribbon on the back so that you don't have holes in the paper, but I liked the bows. The ribbon isn't permanent so I can change it up for next year if I want to.

To show the way I tied them together:

Finished Banner:

Up for the party!

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