Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Catching up

Paul and I don't typically celebrate Valentine's Day.  If we want something, we get it, no special occasion needed, so we see Valentine's Day as a day for the kids. They love it! Ashleigh gets so excited to give her classmates cards...and Addy and Cooper get excited for her so I can only imagine how they will be once they are in school.

I decided since I had ground meat, that I would whip up some heart-shaped meatballs for dinner. This took a lot out of me since I hate touching raw meat!I used saran wrap to try an mold the meat into little hearts with minimal contact :)

Jenna has been doing great with her cereal. Since she will be 5 months tomorrow, I figured we would start her on some Sweet Peas. She's doing great with those too! The only thing that I forgot about was how stinky diapers are once they are eating actual food. Stinky,stinky!Of course, right after I stopped recording the a video of her eating the peas, Jenna either said "Peas" or "Please". It was so cute!

Jenna was a little stuffy this past weekend and developed a cough. I sort of thought it could be teething but was worried that she had somehow gotten RSV. Cooper had it when he was 8 weeks old and her cough was so similar. I ended up taking her to the doctor today just to ease my mind and sure enough, she has RSV. Poor thing! She is still very happy, just has a yucky cough and you can tell she just doesn't feel 100%.

Addy turns 4 tomorrow! She is growing so fast, it's unbelievable!  We decided to combine her party with Ashleigh's since they are so close together so we are just going to have a birthday dinner and cake for her tomorrow. She's so excited about her cake...it's all she's been talking about! LOL

The weather has been fantastic! It was in the 80's yesterday and we got a nice thunderstorm last night.It's so nice to be able to let the kids play outside without heavy coats on in Feb. We love it! I seriously can't wait to get to the beach though!

I am hoping everyone had a fantastic February! Now onto March...

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