Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Take a Breath

I was making lunch for Addison the other day and she was rambling on as usual. This girl has major conversations with anyone willing to listen, possibly even those that aren't actively listening. I may have mentioned this before. Hmmm, come to think of it, I wonder what I have agreed to that I have no idea about.

Anyways, she was talking about how much one of Ashleigh's friends like Genevieve. Then all of a sudden, she bursts into:

Genna's 1!
NOT 12! Baby (our cat) is 12.
NOT 20! She would be as big as you!
NOT 80! 80 is old. Like, I can't even count to 80 yet.
Baby can't count to 80 either....cause she's a CAT!!!! (laughing)
I don't want Baby to die! (Sad face)

Ummm ok. She said all of that so fast, without even taking a breath and she went from laughing to pouting in milli seconds I actually had to replay it in my head once I had realized she stopped talking and was looking at me for some sort of response. My response? I burst out laughing and told her I had to write all that down to blog about it. Then I addressed her fear of Baby dying...poor thing is always worried about the cats!

This girl cracks me up!

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