Sunday, September 25, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge

On 9/19/2011, we went to Great Wolf Lodge's indoor waterpark for the day. Typically, you have to actually make reservations to stay there and enjoy their waterpark but a while back, I came across a link for a great deal. Tickets for the day were $5 a person M-Th! So for $25, I was able to get tickets for the entire family.

GWL is about 2.5 hours away from us. Close enough that we could drive over in the morning and return that afternoon. We left here around 8AM and arrived around 10:30AM. All the pictures look so "lodgy", so I was imagining this awesome lodge tucked away in the mountains. When we arrived at our destination, I thought we may have taken a wrong turn since we were in the middle of all sorts or stores, restaurants, and offices. For those of you back home, it's like it was plopped right in the middle of Robinson....kinda weird. 

Pictures of when we first got there...

We went inside and checked in. You could rent a locker, but we just kept our belongings at our table. They had changing rooms, which were very nice and surprisingly clean. They had chairs and tables where you could eat and they also had pool side chairs available to lounge in. It was very warm and humid inside and had a strong smell of chlorine.

Oddly enough, our neighbors went on the same day as us (without planning), so we met up with them after getting changed into our swimming suits. Paul and Cooper went on the slides first while I held Jenna and then I went up with Addy once they came back. Addy chickened out on the first slide that she had to go on by herself, so we went down one where both of us could go at once.

They had slides, a wave pool area, and a few water playgrounds. It kept the kids busy for quite a while. Since we were in water most of the time, I sadly don't have many pictures. Next time, I am taking a waterproof camera!

Paul hepling the kids on the water snake...
 Addy going across the lily pads
 Cooper going across (his 1st attempt was a huge fail and the life gaurd had to help him out!)
Ashleigh going across...
Jenna enjoying the wave pool...

We ended up eating lunch there and also an early dinner before we left. Both we very expensive but that was to be expected. You could leave the park and go out to eat but who wants to change their clothes to run out and get something?  I do not recommend eating and going immediately to the slides.

The kids minus Jenna right before we left...
Here's a video of a big bucket of water that dumps every so many minutes:) (sorry it is sideways)

The kids had a great time. We left by 4PM and everyone was exhausted. We were told right before we left that starting in Dec, they will have a snow machine making actual snow!!! This may be something fun for Cooper's birthday!!

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