Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Goodbye Teeth!

I finally worked up the nerve to call and schedule my consultation appointment to get my wisdom teeth removed. Amazingly enough I was able to actually go to the appt, schedule the removal and not get pregnant in the meantime LOL So on Friday, Paul took me to the office and they were able to put me under and remove my wisdom teeth. YAY

I don't remember much of Friday, but I do know that I wasn't in any pain. I remember that I was planning to be able to sleep all day Friday but every 30 minutes Paul was bringing in ice packs for me to apply to my jaw area. I was slightly irritated by this non sleeping arrangement but was very happy when I had no swelling. Thanks Babe!

Every time I tired to get them out before, I ended up pregnant. True story. I originally attempted to get them out right before I got pregnant with Coop. We postponed and I was pregnant with Addy before my next 6 month dental appointment. A few years later, I finally got around to booking my consult appointment for 2/15 and on 2/14 I found out I was pregnant with G. I am so glad that they are finally out.

Yesterday, Cooper showed me that he has 2 loose teeth! He was so excited. Then tonight, Addison showed me that she too has a loose tooth! I swear those two were meant to be twins. They do everything together.

After Coop was asleep, Addy was pretty determined to get her tooth out. It's really close to coming out but it's still a little bit attached and hurts when pulled on. We told her to wait until tomorrow, so hopefully it comes out fairly easy...and she doesn't end up swallowing it tonight:) She's going to lose teeth before she actually starts kindy *sniff*. My babies are getting so big!

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